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Who we are ...

We are a Christian owned and operated company committed to providing the best quality pictures.
We're based out of Chattanooga, but we travel around the country with a full alotment of viewstations and professional photographers.

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What events we cover ...

We primarily cover large indoor events: cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, showchoir, etc.
We can cover just about any sport, however, there are usually environmental limitations to using our viewstations outdoors.

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How we do it ...

First, we start off by using top of the line equipment - the world's finest lenses attached to the world's fastest cameras.
Then we hire professionals who not only know the equipment, but also know the sport. Capturing the peak of action requires anticipation of a competitors action - even with the world's fastest cameras.

The key to our customer experience, though, is our viewstations - over 100 of them. (yes, over 100 !) Within minutes of competitors leaving the stage, we have pictures from a performance available. Pictures can be found instantly per team or competitor via our search engine.
Our online interface found here is exactly the same as our onsite experience.

Pictures from an event are generally available on the web within 24-48 hours after the event. We plan to maintain pictures from all of our events for one year - allowing customers plenty of time to browse pictures when their time permits.
We process internet order and have them in the mail within 2-3 weeks. We ship everything via First Class US Mail - in rigid photo mailers. Large prints are mailed in hard tubes.

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What is our return policy ...

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase. Even though there is no obligation to purchase any pictures, sometimes we process orders that are 'diffucult' to print. What we mean by that is that the color may be off due to the lighting conditions or the picture may be out of focus because our photographers shoot so close to the action.

While only a very small percentage of these pictures are printed, we don't want our quality reflected with a bad quality print. For this reason, we stand by our MIRROR return policy.

M ake
I  t
R ight,
R efund
O r
R eplacement

If you are not happy with a print - or if we aren't happy with print (and can't make it right), we'll offer a free replacement print of your choice matching the same value as the original print. If there are no other pictures of interest, we'll gladly refund the full amount of the print.
Again, we don't want anybody stuck with a bad picture that you're not happy with.

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Contact us

We are always looking for ways to improve our pictures and services to our customers.
Please contact us with any and all comments or critisicm that you may have.
By knowing what we're doing right - or wrong - will help us improve.

Electronic mail
General Information: info@actionmoments.com
Feedback: feedback@actionmoments.com
Customer Support: support@actionmoments.com
Webmaster: webmaster@actionmoments.com
Postal address
910 Creekside Road, Suite B12, Chattanooga, TN 37406

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